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Authority Hybrid is the brain child of Aidan Booth who is an experienced internet marketer and has been making very handsome income online by creating websites that Google loves. He is the owner of Rank And Pillage ( his previous product) that got raving reviews from the IMers. Now in Authority Hybrid he reveals his tactics for creating websites that are very responsive and easily get top rankings in Google when combined with Aida’s SEO tactics. His SEO tactics are amazing and will greatly help you to fling your websites on top of Google in 2012. Below are some basic details of Authority Hybrid program:

Basic Info:

Product Name:           Authority Hybrid

Product Owner’s Name:              Aidan Booth

Price:                       $497

Launch Date:        February 21, 2012



What The Authority Hybrid Is All About

My Brief AuthorityHybrid Review:

Authority Hybrid is an in depth look at the system Aidan Booth  uses to create high value websites that Google and website visitors genuinely love, and how he earns a huge amount of money in the process. The course is made up of over 250 pages of brand new content divided into 7 modules. In addition to the written content, Aidan has made more than 40 videos demonstrating every step of the process from start to finish. Therefore it is a newbie friendly product that helps them understand the whole process easily without much ado.

The training manual and videos are accompanied by 5 content packed webinars, 23 premium WordPress themes, a members forum, a giant niche starter list, my unique “stamp of approval” (additional support to give students the “green light” on their ideas), a quick start guide and MUCH MORE.

The value here truly is huge and the course is rock solid. No shiney objects, no “flash in the pan” techniques, just rock solid internet marketing based on sound, proven and tested SEO tactics delivered by someone who is actually in the trenches doing this stuff (i.e Aidan Booth).authorityybrid


A Few More Pros of Authority Hybrid Course- Keep Reading This Authority Hybrid Review:

Authority Hybrid is a fresh and new course that leverages the latest SEO tactics of 2012. When you follow steps laid down in the course, you get love from Big G without ant fear of  its fierce Panda. Rather you can give a hard kick at the butts of Panda and see your newly created websites climbing the top ranks in Google driving and sucking more organic traffic from multiple keywords that you have even never dreamt of. This is the beauty of SEO. When you create a fully optimize website and combine it with latest backlinking tactics, you get huge love from search engines. They present your website in serps for the keywords that have even the least relevance with the content on your website.

Aidan has also given a giant niche starter list in Authority Hybrid course for you to get started. The biggest problem for the newbies is to get niche ideas that has been solved in this course. You get a huge niche list. Give a little brainstorm, research profitable keywords as described by Aidan and start creating profitable websites.

An other amazing support that is given to the customers of Authority Hybrid course is that Aidan can be accessed by them to personally review their websites that they create after digesting info from Authority Hybrid course. Aidan will review their websites and send his comments for maximum improvement. Students can also access Aidan to discuss their ideas with him and get his stamp of approval. This is a breeze from fresh air. You get advice from an experienced Internet marketer and then move forward with your new website wit full confidence.

Authority Hybrid Review Conclusion:

Authority Hybrid is a program that is stacked with value and even more important, the program is based on real proof and real methods that get results.

  • 40+ “Over My Shoulder” Video Tutorials
  • 250+ Pages of Content & Step by Step Instruction
  • 22 Premium WordPress Themes
  • Case Studies & Reports
  • Real Money Making Websites Exposed
  • Access to Members Only Forum
  • Green Light “Stamp of Approval” Project Support
  • Niche Ideas Start List
  • And Much More

Authority Hybrid Is A Massive Course Stacked With Value!


Authority Hybrid | Authority Hybrid Review