How To Hypnotize | Conversational Hypnosis Review

Our success in life very heavily depends on our ability to communicate with others and be generally well liked. Sooner or later we all need to invest in our mastery of these abilities if we hope to compete against naturally “magnetic” personality types and when it comes to a conversational hypnosis review there are 3 clear winners that need our consideration for various reasons.


Almost every review in this field recommends Igor Ledochowski’s “The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” as their top choice and there are some clear reasons why.

To truly have the ability to influence someone within the short space of time that you may get to converse with a subject, you need to have both knowledge and skill. You need the knowledge behind you to be able to read people, understand the underlying reasons that govern how a person with that particular belief system operates, then have the skill to provide the right stimulus to direct the actions of the listener through verbal and non-verbal interaction.

conversational hypnosis

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This procedure may sound complicated but Igor’s course is a world leader when it comes to breaking down this process into easy to understand formulas based on a range of scenarios and personality types.

To be consistently successful with conversational hypnosis you need to be able to listen carefully, store information in your memory, formulate a psychological strategy then implement it all within the space of a conversation. This takes practice but the 13 hours of audio material within the course is just like having a master hypnotist to practice scenarios with. It is clear why students find this approach so much more successful than other programs.

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