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google news submitWith our press release submission service you can grab hottest,steamiest and hungriest traffic of targeted visitors. Your Press Release Will Be Distributed All Across The Web By Three Powerful Press Release Distribution Services!


I have been into internet marketing field for the last 10 years and know how the stuff works online. With the constant changes into Google algorithms, it has become very hard nowadays to get traffic to a website. There is a lot of competition on the Google SERPs even for small niches. To compete you have do all kinds of things to get traffic like:

  • Writing lots of articles and submitting them to directories.
  • Spending a lot of time to comment blog posts to get backlinks.
  • Record your own videos and post them to video sites.

If you have several sites, this is almost a full time job.

Of course you can also pay to get traffic like on Adwords or other PPC sites. That’s fine if you know what you’re doing but it’s expensive and there’s a big risk you will just waste your money.

But now there’s a third way to go and that is submitting your press releases via some powerful press release syndication networks.

google news submit

The realistic and powerful way to announce your product launch or drive highly targeted traffic to any website is the use of press releases.

Benefits of service:

§  Boost your site’s Ranking in Search Engines.

§  Drive targeted traffic to your website.

§  Increase one-way valid backlinks to your website.

§  Increase your product sales.

§  Helps to get your pages crawled easily by major search engines.

§  Ultimately, a press release will increase your link popularity, traffic and sales!

Here is how it works:

1- You send us a newsworthy press release of about 400-800 words and other related details here info [at] ( please replace [at] with @ )

2- You also send us your images, 3-5 tag keywords, your website address. After recent google updates I strongly suggest to use press releases for naked url anchoring instead of keywords anchoring.

3- At the end of press release you mention your contact details and your email address.

4- You also send us receipt number (on 2checkout You can also pay with Paypal) & your personal email address so that we may send you report.

5- Once received we submit your press release that you provide us to Two Powerful Press Release Distribution Networks like Prbuzz & Sbwire.

6- After 3-7 days we send you a report with all the available links of sites where your press release has been published. 

Remember submission to all these distribution networks costs a lot of money but you get all of the above submission for $ 25/PR only. It is a huge discount! You save hundreds of dollars. Bulk order discounts are available. Please contact us for bulk order price here info @

google news submit
press release submit





We shall submit your press release through Powerful Press Release Distribution Networks.You will see good results after a short span of time when you submit your press releases for a few times using our press release distribution service. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods
and services provided by weblim

On you can also pay by Paypal.



What should I do after placing an order:

Please send us your unique press release and order number using our Contact Us form or you can also send en email with the above details here Please make sure, your press release is well written and is newsworthy otherwise it will be rejected by the editors.

Will I get a report?

Yes, you will get a detailed report of all available links of press releases syndicated to High Authority News Sites after submission.

Is there a refund policy?

We will deliver what we have promised. In case we fail to send you a report within stipulated time.

Turn around time

Maximum 10 days, generally done within 2-3 days, sometimes within 8-10 hours. Our customer support will stay in touch with you till your order is complete. We don’t work on Sunday.

If you have any question, you may Contact Us.