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Rocket German is an interactive course that is practical and will have you discover what to say in all situations. The creators of this online course designed the package in response to the poor material available on the market today. It is an entirely comprehensive course in learning how to speak German. The program was created to teach everything you need to know about the German language in just under 3 months. Rocket German is truly one of the best learning kits that you can have that will help you master the art of speaking German.


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In the beginning module there are 31 audio lessons. After your very first lesson, you will be able to speak some basic German words. You will feel quite comfortable asking simple questions, receiving directions, ordering food, etc. You will be learning conversational German so you will be able to converse with the native Germans as you travel throughout their beautiful country.Included in the course materials are the print transcripts of the audios which I found to be very helpful. The first module is about 14 hours in length. This may seem rather lengthy, but I could not contain my excitement as I was learning so fast. It seems that I consumed this part of the course. I was learning and was having fun at the same time!The course materials also include software. The first software application is called MegaVocab(TM). When I used this software, it made my learning more fun and that much easier. MegaVocab(TM) is a vocabulary recognition tool. Basically, you run through a series of words that you learn through repetition as well as with a picture. You use this same concept when you use flashcards. This software has 2,000 pictures and words built into it. You can, however, add more words and pictures of your own choice as you make the decision to learn more words.

Rocket German Is An Interactive Course To Learn German

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As soon as I started learning the vocabulary, I went on to the MegaAudio(TM) software. It was during this particular time in the course that I started to feel self-assured with all that I had learned up to this point.

The software provides exercises that test and improve your recognition of the spoken words. For each exercise that you do, scores are provided. You can reference these scores to make sure of the kind of progress you are making.

It is fun to use the software. I had a great time learning the vocabulary. However, when I began to understand the German as it was spoken, I became very excited. I had a very hard time trying to find another language program that offered software such as this.

The German course was designed with the idea that the student has no understanding of the German language when just beginning. Yet, this course will also cater to the advanced student. This added value to the program because I would not have to go out and get a more advanced course as I progressed.

Rocket German Course Will Increase Your Ability To Learn German Online!

When you become a student of the Rocket German(TM) program, you are given a free membership to the Rocket Language Online Forum. This aspect of the course really impressed me. The ‘members’ only forum’ is a place where you can get all sorts of questions answered. It is also a place where you can communicate with other students who are taking the same language as you. You may even ‘speak’ with the Rocket Language online instructors. You can try to get different ideas from other students about things that may have you stumped. This forum is what makes the cost of this language program such a great deal! It would be well worth it if I had to pay a monthly fee to belong to this forum. However, it is great that is already exists as part of the course!

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Rocket German Review | Learn German Online